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    Around here we appreciate the simple things in life. Like that first sip of a good cuppa on the veranda, fresh air, crisp mornings and a big glass of milk made from the highest quality hemp.

    We are a plant based company making the first milk that benefits all humans and beings. Our milk is free from nuts, gluten, soy, dairy or refined sugars. The perfect addition to any diet.

    Naturally, hemp contains high levels of protein and calcium as well as all the essential amino chain fatty acids. Our hemp has anti-inflammatory benefits and leaves your body more alkaline.

    And no, it will not get you high… but you will relax knowing our milk is great for your body and better for the environment than any other milk on the planet. So gather your flock of friends, your gaggle of gym buddies or pod of pals around the kitchen and calm your farm.

    Welcome to our Calm Farm, you bloody deserve it!

    We have taken a little break, headed back to the Farm, to work on bringing you an even better glass of Calm.