AVB: Applications for ‘Already Vaped Bud’

Done Been Vaped As some of you may know, vaporising your cannabis leaves it looking brown-ish. This may make it seem as if it the...

Our Simple Cannabutter Recipe (Works Every Time!)

Fixing for a tray of brownies? Here's a no-mistakes guide to making cannabutter, also known as budder, in certain circles...Before getting started, you will need to...

Decarboxylation: The Secret to Potent Edibles

Before you get down to the serious business making edibles and tinctures this holiday season, it is important to first decarboxylate (or decarb) your cannabis...

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Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode 5 : Speaking With Sam

Introducing SAM to the Friendly Aussie Podcast! On this episode of the F.A.P, we are joined by our newest team member of Friendly Aussie Buds...