G’day, FAB fans! Today we’re taking a look at Australia’s best bong shops.

When ordering products from bong shops online there are a few important factors you need to consider:

Is the shipping discreet and properly secured to prevent breakage?

Will you receive authentic, high-quality glass?

What unique products do they stock?

What payment methods do they accept?

It’s a lot of research for a single purchase. So, we at Friendly Aussie Buds have tried out some of the most popular bong shops in Australia. What follows is a list of our favourites and why we like them, so you that can make an informed discussion when purchasing from them.

Our Favourite Five

In no particular order, we have…

The Bong Shop

The Bong Shop is one of Australia’s first bong stores. A child company of long-running alternate clothing store Off Ya Tree, The Bong Shop has a beautifully designed website that is easy to navigate and functions incredibly well. They accept credit cards, with quick and discreet shipping.

They carry a range of bongs with many of the classic Australian Agung glass bongs — the classic round ones with the metal stem. These range from $25 to just under $100. They also have a range of premium glass bongs which have built in perculators that range from $175-$275. Personally, we think the premium bongs are a little too expensive compared to some of the alternatives. The other bongs are excellent value, however.

They do have a few great novelty bongs available, such as the Star Wars themed helmet bong and The Knockout. There is also a wide range of bubblers and pipes available on the website. They also carry all the standard extras like papers, blunts and vapes.

One relatively rare product they have are hookahs — two of which are made entirely of glass.

Overall The Bong Shop gets a 3.5/5 from us. They could improve with more variety in the bongs they stock and their pricing.


Ozbongs is the largest bong store in Australia, well known by the community and highly regarded. Their website is sleek and easy to navigate, and they have a rewards system for returning customers. Ozbongs has a huge variety of bongs, including the famous international brands such as ROOR, Sovereignty, EHLE, Pyrology and so many more! They have some bongs fetching as as $1000-$2500! These are magnificent pieces of art work.

Although they do stock incredibly expensive bongs, they also stock moderately priced bongs from the United States, Germany and China. They have a large range of replacement parts, including their own DhOP brand which is rebranded Chinese glass. However, they are reasonable in the prices they charge for these.

They also stock plenty of novelty bongs, agungs, pipes, papers, grinders, oil tools, vapes, e-liquids and so much more. This is an enormous store with plenty to see, even just for a window shop!

There is one major letdown with OzBongs: they only accept bank deposits. This means it does take a little longer and the process is a little more tedious. Shipping for a smaller bong is $12 and larger bongs are around $25 shipping which comes discreetly via courier. We’ve had personal experiences with OzBongs that have always been very positive. They are Australia’s favourite bong store. Overall OzBongs gets a 4.5/5 from the FAB team, the only improvement would be accepting credit/debit cards.

Bargain Bongs Online

Bargain Bongs Online has a large variety of cheap bongs that aren’t seen on other websites too often. The website is basic, but servicable. They have a good variety of products that are all quite cheap — they do stick to their name.

Their bongs are mainly Agung, Stone Age, and the typical oil pourer types along with a few variants. They still all stock sorts of other products such as dabbing nails, vape juice, pipes, papers, and smell proof bags.

The best thing about Bargain Bongs Online is that they offer free regular shipping. Express shipping is around $12-$15. They do accept credit card, bank transfer and PayPal. You will need to email them to find out how to do a PayPal payment, though. Ultimately, if you’re after something cheap then this is the site for you.

Overall we give Bargain Bongs Online 3.5/5. A better website design and more quality glass would give a better rating. Lots of potential for growth for these guys!

Mull Up

Mull Up, besides having a great name, boasts an easily-navigable website and a wide selection of bongs and vaporizers. The store stocks a few brands of glass that others don’t, namely Gatorbeug, Mav, Nugg Life Pure Glass and Thick Ass Glass. Bongs go up to around $800 for designer bongs. They also stock all of the classic Agungs and cheap prices.  The TAG bongs are affordable 9mm thick bongs!

A lot of the bongs are very fairly and competitively priced. They have a good selection of vaporizers that are around their standard RRP, as well as papers, blunts and pre-rolls. There are even palm-leaf blunt wraps! M.U. offers shipping at a flat rate of $10 and accepts bank transfers and credit card transactions.

Overall Mull Up gets 4/5, as they have a very good website. All they lack is a wider variety of bongs.

Online Smoke

Online Smoke is one of the oldest online bong stores in Australia, established in 2006! This is where I bought my first bong. I originally chose them because they were the only store accepting PayPal at the time. They no longer offer PayPal as a payment option after the provider cracked down on bong sales.

The owners have recently deployed a new website that I found easy to navigate. They offer a wide variety of bongs and brands, the vast majority of which are priced under $200. As a result, they don’t stock the big famous bong brands, but they do stock Blaze, Agung, Black Leaf, Blaze and Stone Age bongs. This is great as these are budget bongs that are still quality and fit most price ranges. They also have a huge range of other products including vaporizers, vape juice, hookahs, Rosin Tech products, novelty gifts from Amsterdam and more!

Something we are particularly fond of is that Online Smoke offers free gifts with purchases over $20, $50, $100 etc. They also offer free shipping over $100. Otherwise, average bong shipping is around $20. New customers also receive 15% off, which is a very nice touch!

Another important thing to note about Online Smoke is that they offer a price match guarantee which involves calling an Australian phone number and talking about it. This is nice to see and would be great if other stores did the same. They accept credit card and bank deposit for payments.

Overall Online Smoke gets a 4.5/5 due to their quality products, generous offers, and good customer service. They are ultimately one of the best online bong stores in Australia. They could improve by increasing the number of brands they offer and by including some higher end bongs.

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Which bong store is your favourite? Share some of your experiences with any Australian bong stores!

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Max B

https://www.bongsmart.com.au/ has a large range and competitive prices

Clare Ridsdale
Clare Ridsdale

Hey, whats the deal with onlinesmoke? You say they are cool, but their phones or emails don’t work and i’ve lost my money along with many others according to trustpilot.

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