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The Trouble With Spin: The Temptation of Tobacco

Written by mitch

Do you spin your cannabis with tobacco? This article will illustrate how you can manage a healthier relationship with weed. How? Kick the tobacco demon.

Spin to Win

Many folks consider tobacco and weed a match made in heaven. The phenomenon is global, much like cheese and wine. Between 77.2% and 90.9% of European cannabis users use tobacco in their spliffs, blunts and/or bongs, where 51.6% of Australian and 20.7% of New Zealand cannabis users do so.[3] In general, joints without some sort of mixed herb often struggle to burn with consistency, which only lends to the popularity of spin. Recently, however, smokers and advocates have called for cannabis smokers to stick purely to the leaf. So, what makes spinning tobacco with cannabis so dangerous, exactly?

The mainstream public has been well aware for decades now that cigarettes do not promote longstanding health and wellbeing. Though if I were just here to tell you how bad they were, this article would write itself; an increased risk of strokes, heart disease and a laundry list of cancers has crowned tobacco among the leading causes of death in the western world.[1] Other ailments include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and mouth disease.[2] It almost goes without saying that smoking spliffs will increase your risk of negative consequences usually associated with tobacco.

Spliff Decision

What’s really interesting is that the synthesis of cannabis and tobacco forms a different beast in and of itself; that’s partly why the humble ‘spliff’ has become such a worldwide phenomenon. Spin creates a unique smoking experience, unlike either of the drugs in isolation. Nicotine is incredibly addictive; it acts upon the opioid receptors in the brain, providing an instantaneous calm, along with a sensation of lightheaded pleasure.[2] [Editor’s note: I want a smoke so badly right now.] It also releases adrenaline, increasing your heart rate along with your blood pressure. Cannabis induces similar sensations; combine the two together and you get a powerful psychoactive that induces an intoxicating muscle relaxing effect.[2] Moreover, nicotine and THC are both known to induce a particular ‘head high’ euphoria; this only enhances the experience of mixing the two.

Cannabis smokers who mix tobacco into their joints are statistically five times more likely to exhibit signs of substance dependence

Mixing cannabis with tobacco will also have you feeling the effects much quicker, with more THC for the body to absorb.[2] A fascinating study from 2009 found that when tobacco and cannabis were combined together, higher levels of THC were actually available to the body.[4] The study compared the THC delivered to the bloodstream via a spliff and a joint. The pure joint contained 32.70 milligrams per gram, with the spliff containing 58.90 milligrams per gram.[4] These tests ultimately revealed that tobacco increases the vaporization efficiency of THC by around 45%, on average.[4]

The Trouble with Spin

Spinning isn’t all fun and games, though. It’s known that cannabis smokers who mix tobacco into their joints are statistically five times more likely to exhibit signs of substance dependence.[3] This is confirmed by certain trends; in particular, most people who end up smoking spliffs do not stop at just one. They repeat the occasion over and over, perhaps hundreds or thousands of times.[2]

What’s more, the tars and toxins caught by cigarette filters become more available to the lungs in a spliff. Admittedly, it is rare to see someone chain-smoking spliffs in the same fashion as a packet of cigarettes. Nevertheless, continuous long-term use of cannabis and tobacco can lead to nasty health effects, much like the ones we know about from the plain packaging ads.

Cannabis also releases its own share of carcinogens when combusted. Luckily, cannabis also has potent anti-carcinogenic properties.[2] It won’t counteract the worst effects of tobacco, but it will provide some protection to your system, assuming the alternative is pure cigarette smoke.

Spliffs can be a highly pleasurable experience in the right context, but they aren’t that great for you over the long term. If you’re intent on smoking, then at least be aware of the risks.  Pure cannabis is certainly the healthier option – if you’re concerned about that sort of thing. You don’t necessarily need to smoke it, either. Other methods have proven less taxing on the body, including edibles and/or vaporisation. If you still want to go with a joint, consider using all-natural papers that lack mysterious additives.


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Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.

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Any tips on joint rolling without spin but still having good combustion?

Joe LaGrasso

A good herbal smoke mix. Damiana and Passionflower are really nice herbs to mix with cannabis.

CoffeeShops in Amsterdam provide mix a lot of the time. Loved rolling fat joints with 0.5g of bud and about the same of the herbal mix. I’ll look to write up an article on herbal mixes soon. 🙂


Loosely paccked give it some air to burn, maybe leave it out for an hour or so before hand so its drier but thatd cause it to be harsher


Also other smoking blends or herbal blends. Basically the same as spin but more natural less chemicals and can even have positive health effects or if mixed correctly a different high. You can often find them cheap online. Certain brands will even send it out to you in cigarette or pouch form.


Watch shitloads of ppl ditch mixing with tobacco the second the price of weed decreases…me & mine have only ever done it to bring the cost down/stretch the bag further.
The simple/obvious answer to this is LEGALIZE IT!!!!

Joe LaGrasso

Certainly a factor for many people! The trouble is the nicotine gets ya! It becomes harder as time goes on to get off spin due to the addictive properties of nicotine.

If you really want to make your bag go further, look into vaporisers!

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