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An Ode to Australian Bush

Written by Joe LaGrasso

A lonesome cone sourced from a homegrown zone. This opinion article is hardly a poem. Bush before all others.

A Great Big Bushy Beard

Australians all let us rejoice,

For not only do we live in a land where the internet is just as slow and laggy as our political leaders,

We also have a proud and storied tradition of taking the privileges we enjoy on a daily basis utterly for granted.

Perhaps no phenomenon in our cultural landscape is so indicative of this tendency as the humble cone of bush weed.

The vast majority of us may not think it’s anything too special. Next time you take a hit, you best appreciate it for what it is. Outdoor grows are particularly rare in other, more temperate regions of the world. Folks there often settle for hashish or hydro. Conversely, Australia’s climate is ideal to grow an excess of dank, leafy buds outdoors, which places ours among the best.

The Muse of Many

Comparatively, it’s not difficult to appreciate your average Aussie bush compared to a lot of the hydroponic stuff floating around. This is particularly true from the author’s experience in Brisbane, where he has observed that some people are quite keen on handing off PGR buds (Plant Growth Regulators). Experiences between the two are often night and day, as is the quality of the high. It’s always depressing to resign oneself to a subpar smoke. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Also, maybe it’s just me – but bush seems to have a highly sentimental and nostalgic character. It takes me back to when I first began my adventures with weed. It still has a real sense of place and time to me; its smell and taste remind me of the part of the world I live in and link to the experiences I’ve had with bush in the past.

Final verdict: bush weed is as true-blue Aussie as Steve Irwin plastered on a Sunday arvo boxing a kangaroo whilst caked in a mixture of pavlova, Tim-Tams and Vegemite on toast (in the afterlife, of course – we wouldn’t want to be ridiculous, after all). If God exists, Australian bush weed stands as circumstantial evidence — along with the engineering wonder that is the Gatorade bottle. It is my working theory that the act of smoking fat cones is merely a primordial ritual that unifies the fundamental elements of earth, wind, water and fire in our daily lives. And I’m sure the ancient aliens factor into this somehow. Thank you.



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Joe LaGrasso

Joe is a dreamer, an entrepreneur and a little too obsessed with cannabis. He brings people together to allow for creative expression and idea generation. Helping make cannabis legal, mainstream and destigmatised is Joe's biggest dream and is what he's striving to achieve every goddamn day.

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