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New ACT Bill Would Legalise Possession of Cannabis

"Canberra" is supposedly a bastardisation of the local indigenous word, referring to a "meeting place". Fittingly, it has since become a place for politicians to have their meetings. This could potentially be just as true for stoners all across Australia, after a bill was recently introduced that, if passed, will effectively legalise the possession and use of cannabis across...

Legalisation and the Race to Riches

If you've been paying attention to much of the buzz around cannabis recently, you would be aware that there's a lot to gain financially out of opening up the distribution and sale of the plant. Legalisation has driven economic revitalisation in regions all across the United States, notably the state of Colorado. Australians have yet to take the plunge, but...

K-mart Coffee Grinder: God’s Gift To Stoners

kmart coffee grinder on shelves
Well... his other gift. It’s a legend so deeply entrenched within Australian culture and society that it really needs no introduction from some non-person who writes articles about weed on the internet. I haven't touched your life in the same way this coffee grinder probably has. To tell you the truth, any explanation we come up with will ultimately fail to...

Footy Finals Ideal for Seeding

If you're an Australian waiting for the 'right time' to germinate your seeds and plant them in the earth, wait no longer - for spring hath sprung, and the footy finals also happen to be an ideal time for seeding your weed. Late September to Early October is in line with weed's seasonal peak throughout most of Australia. Cannabis plants...

5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better for Your Longterm Wellbeing

Vaporisation (or 'vaping') is a method of consuming the active ingredients of cannabis - that is, without the aid of combustion, or the production of smoke. In the process of vaporisation, heat extracts the active ingredients into a fine vapour-mist, which is then inhaled. Here are five significant benefits to vaporising your cannabis over smoking it. Carefully consider this list...

What Are Terpenoids, Exactly?

Well... a terpene is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon, based on combinations of the isoprene unit - produced by myriad plants, including cannabis. Terpenoids are compounds related to terpenes - these two terms are often used interchangeably. Over 20 000 terpenoid compounds have been found throughout the plant kingdom thus far. Only around 200 have been identified in cannabis. Terpenoids are primarily responsible for the...