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DID YOU KNOW: The Humble Herb Grinder is an Aussie Invention?!

WHO KNEW? The Humble Herb Grinder is Actually an Australian Citizen! Friendly Aussie Buds has a fun fact for you folks! Did you know that what would become the iconic cannabis grinder was first invented and patented by a pair of Australians? In 1905, two Aussie residents were awarded the first US patent for what we now recognise as the humble...

Is it Healthy to Eat Cannabis Seeds?

The hemp plant is making a resurgence - and hemp seeds are no exception to this trend. It is now widely recognised that cannabis seeds can be added to your daily diet.

Bluelab Makes It Easy to Control Your Grow’s pH!

Struggling to balance your reservoir? Bluelab have designed an effective and reliable product for your pH woes – the Bluelab pH Controller!

Bong Store Breakdown: The Top Five Aussie Retailers in 2021!

G’day, FABulous people! Today we’re taking a closer look at the best online bong shops operating across Australia. It's 2021, after all - we are still in pandemic pandemonium mode. Physical distancing for COVID-19 has made online vendors more essential - and accessible - than ever. Hold up, though! Before you cash in that COVID relief check for a brand new piece,...

Getting Medicinal With PlantMed’s Dr. John Teh | The Friendly Aussie Podcast

Dr. John Teh from the Brisbane-based Medicinal Cannabis Clinic 'PlantMed' sat down with us to chat about prescribing to patients and working within the exciting field of treatment with cannabis medicine.

PAX Vaporisers: All You Need to Know

Are you looking for a discreet vape? Read on to learn important facts about PAX Vaporisers that you need to know!