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Using Cannabis To Bettering Yourself With Abhinav Jain

Bettering Yourself With Abhinav Jain
Welcome to the Friendly Aussie Podcast where we bring you interesting conversations and insights about the cannabis culture in Australia and beyond. In this episode, we're excited to chat with Abhinav Jain, a self-made entrepreneur who is passionate about spreading awareness about the benefits of cannabis and leading a healthy lifestyle. Abhinav has been in the weed industry for many years...

Flourishing with Flowers: A Groundbreaking Event on Medical Cannabis for Women’s Wellness

Experience the Power of Medicinal Cannabis for Women at the Flowers Event Hey buds! We're thrilled to share Australia's first-ever women-focused medicinal cannabis event, Flowers, by Viz Medicinal in Bangalow (right near Byron Bay!) on Sunday, 30th April which focuses on Prescribing and Dispensing Medicinal Cannabis for Women. This gathering is a unique opportunity for AHPRA-registered practitioners across Australia to...

Jeremy Buckingham Makes History as Legalise Cannabis NSW’s First Elected MP

Milestone for Cannabis Advocacy in Australia Hey there, FAB family! Big news is brewing in the Australian cannabis space, as the Legalise Cannabis NSW party has elected Jeremy Buckingham as its first Member of Parliament (MP). This significant milestone reflects the growing support for legalizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use throughout Australia. Introducing Jeremy Buckingham A former Greens MP, Buckingham...

Sydney Vaporizer Top 10 Portable dry herb vaporizers..

S.V’s Top 10 Portable dry herb vaporizers.. Sydney Vaporizers strives to provide Australia and New Zealand with the highest quality portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers. We have put together a list of our top 10 portable dry herb vaporizers, which takes into account many factors such as, price, build quality, battery life, warranties, and most importantly Vapor quality.   1: The...

Cool accessories for your Mighty Plus

Cool accessories for your Mighty Plus - Sydney Vaporizer
If you own a Crafty, Mighty, Crafty Plus or Mighty Plus dry herb vaporizer, you are also probably very proud to own it, and are also on the lookout for any cool spare parts and accessories to make your vaporizer even more awesome! Luckily, there are many many awesome spare parts and accessories to enhance your vaping experience, and...

The Vestratto Anvil Ended My Relationship With Cones!

If you're feeling the heat this summer, that could well be the fault of the latest product drop from our friends at A Friend Indeed! That's right - something big just hit Australian shores (just in time for Christmas), and we're extremely excited to share it with you. Introducing the new champion of the mechanical dry herb vaporiser market, as far as we're...