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The Biggest Cannabis Producers and Consumers Around the World

In the past decade or so, our pale blue dot has seen several new legal developments concerning the production and consumption of cannabis. Millions have been already been lucky enough to experience abrupt shifts to how and where cannabis can be grown, sold and used, firsthand.As more and more nations have moved towards the legalisation of cannabis and other...

Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit on Legalising Cannabis in QLD | The Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode #21

It's Time to Decriminalise Cannabis Across the Sunshine State! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDa-h01Jmu-/?igshid=vrze776yb4dz&fbclid=IwAR3T2PWAzi86KnL5EIGqcSoOoJRxA5W4yzgTG9La_EqX1Vo8PT1xqgv5oLA Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit is a young man running for state parliament in Queensland. He has a plan to bring direct representation, integrity and transparency back to politics. One of Finn's first acts as a member of the Queensland State Parliament would be to introduce a bill that would completely legalise cannabis across the state. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3WCWmmDXps5x1hr2p4nDDsFinn isn't...

FAB REVIEW: Global Hemp Movement’s Hemp-Based Haircare

Reviewing Home-Grown Hemp Hair Products https://youtu.be/gszYwG_cL2Q We met Alexander from the Global Hemp Movement when he travelled to our studio to jump onto our podcast. We had some valuable chats, and got our own fair share of 'firsthand experience' with the sheer versatility of hemp. Alex was kind enough to hook us up with samples of his own hemp shampoo, conditioner and...

World Domination With @GlobalHempMovement | Friendly Aussie Podcast – Episode #20

World Domination  Avid cannabis enthusiast and entrepreneur Alexander Gorshenin was kind enough to stop by at FAB Headquarters to chat about the often under-appreciated past, present, and potential future legacy of hemp.  https://open.spotify.com/episode/70Qxnq35ipuRVfhuqgBSvk Alex is a guy who believes wholeheartedly in a global hemp revolution, and transformative systems change - driven by good vibes, solid intentions, and the most sustainable of materials,...

The Best Aussie Cannabis Podcasts

There are so many amazing Australian content creators out there; this is no less true when it comes to the online cannabis scene.As cannabis content creators ourselves, we really enjoy consuming high-quality content geared towards an Aussie audience. We see the importance of giving these often underappreciated voices a larger platform. So, without further ado... The Top 5 Aussie Cannabis Podcasts! This...

‘Weed Etiquette’: How to Treat Your Dealer (or ‘Medicine Man’)

Weed Etiquette: Dealing With Your Dealer I've been purchasing cannabis for around 10 years. In my time, I've learned a thing or two about how to make reliable connections with my dealers... or as I like to call them, 'medicine men'. It's important to understand what type of dealer you're working with, to know what truly pisses them off. I decided to write this...

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