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Getting Genetic With Anthony From Releaf | The Friendly Aussie Podcast – S2E12

Cannabis: A Community, A Culture, A Critical Medicine On this edition of the Friendly Aussie Podcast, we sat down in person with Anthony - the extremely enthusiastic and high-energy Product Development Manager of cannabis clinic Releaf. He also works on Mull Café - a chill space dedicated to medicinal cannabis patients. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3dYoNJHyTBmCtyDQ231zAd?si=c0b41df90e7944b3 In his time with us, he divulged on his optimistic...

AltMed Confabulate With Friendly Aussie Buds! | Friendly Aussie Podcast S2E11

The Aussie Canna-Podcast Collab of the Century! Hair, hilarity, and hamfisted puns galore. Something something potatoes. Recently, the FAB boys had a couple of highly engaging conversations over zoom with Andrew and Mitch (not our Mitch - the one with the effortless actor hair) from the AltMed podcast. https://open.spotify.com/episode/23xXfIS65NNdcxtpGSDAZV?si=i00fnRsGT3y3vqNbJd7oXg This is also the pair behind Phytoca - a company that works with Australian medicinal patients...

Conversing With the Co-Founders of Canwell and Elevated Extracts | Friendly Aussie Podcast S2E10

Well, it's been nearly 9 months... but the Friendly Aussie Podcast is finally BACK! To commemorate this exciting occasion, the folks at FAB sat down for an in-depth discussion and interview with David Madigan and Neil Helsby - the co-founders of medicinal cannabis clinic Canwell and cannabis oil company Elevated Extracts. A Dynamic Duo As insiders of the burgeoning Australian cannabis industry,...

Cannabis Activists ARRESTED After 420 Laser Demonstration

This isn't exactly BREAKING NEWS... but seeing as it's a big deal for the Australian cannabis community, we wanted to share this story to our readers. The dust has begun to settle on a confrontation between the 'Who Are We Hurting' squad and the NSW Police that occurred on April 20th, 2022 - perhaps the most infamous and globally recognised day for...

Come On, Australia: It’s Time to Drive Change

medical cannabis drive change feature image
CALLING ALL PASSIONATE MEMBERS OF THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY! We need your help to drive through common-sense legislative reform! The Drive Change campaign has been established with the purpose of ending unjust cannabis driving laws across this country. We’ve joined with them to spread the word! You may already be aware how 'drug driving' laws across Australia are actively discriminating against medicinal cannabis...


Back in September 2021, the Friendly Aussie Buds HQ was raided by a tactical squadron of cops. If you're wondering why we've been away for a while... now you know! 😂 Joe, our founder, was the only one there when it happened. It was quite the bloody shock, to say the least! The police kicked in the door and searched every...