We Have Redesigned www.friendlyaussiebuds.com !


This Website Is Changing

Today, we made the transition from our old website to our brand spankin’ new one. We’re really excited, because we know this change will help us deliver an overall better experience for our viewers and readers.

Out with the old.

Along with a sleek new design comes even sleeker new features, such as the DOPE DIRECTORY. This won’t be online on launch, but it should be in only a few days – so keep posted! The directory tab will act as a space to list the many products and services that benefit the cannabis community as a whole. We hope it will help everyday people form networks with those who empathise with their lives, and can support them in some form. If you have a project, service, product or business that seeks to serve the Australian cannabis community, contact us here.

Another exciting change will be our updated STORE. This part of the website will release with a sleek new design. We’ll be placing a whole new line of products on there, too. Check it out!

In with the new.

The FAB team will be continuing to bring high quality news, information and entertainment to the online cannabis space – and we have our sights set upwards from here. We’re dedicated to shifting the reality of our media landscape when it comes to cannabis. We advocate openly for full legalisation of the plant, and aren’t afraid of shaping the narrative in ways which expose cannabis as a medicine, not a menace.

Hemp Expo

In part, we’ve timed this overhaul of our website in preparation for the Brisbane Hemp Expo, held on the 12th-13th October, 2019. Not only will the FAB team be at this fantastic event; we decided to go all in, and are preparing to have a stall of our own! If you’re going to the Hemp Expo, be sure to find us and speak to us! We’ll have a variety of goodies in store 🙂

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Watch This Space

We have BIG plans for FAB that are soon to materialise. Not only are we producing more (and better) content, we’re branching out into all new kinds of stuff. If you’re intrigued by this, be sure to keep an eye out on us. You’ll see what we mean, soon enough.

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