CrazeCo Crash PM’s House With ‘Canna Crisis’ Peace Offering


‘42020’ – Trouble at Kirribilli

In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, our mates at the CrazeCo crashed the Sydney home of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, making a statement about cannabis prohibition by continuing to ask old mate ‘ScoMo’ the simple, important question: “Who are we hurting?”

The crew arrived outside of Kirribilli House in PPE masks, offering the PM a token of peace in these tough times, in the form of a big bag of herbs.

Cannabis Advocacy in the Age of COVID-19


CrazeCo conducted this stunt as a way to draw direct attention to the cannabis crisis in the middle of the coronavirus, which has inevitably made physical distancing essential. The bag of ‘cannabis’ – which was quickly seized by police – contained a note, asking that the Prime Minister finally display some leadership and address the prohibition of cannabis in Australia by introducing a scheme for legalisation of the plant and industry, nationwide.

A Letter (and a Bag) For Scotty

1 Pound contactless delivery to Kirribilli House – between 10am and 10.30am, on the 1st of April 2020 (The start of 42020).

Kirribilli House
109 Kirribilli Ave
Kirribilli NSW 2061
Dear Scotty,
We know you’ve been working bloody hard at the moment, so we wanted to give you something to help relax a little.
Please fix the cannabis crisis and replace organised crime with legitimate employment.
We are calling for a federal amnesty on cannabis, following suit with Australia’s Capital Territory and other western countries like Canada. In this time of crisis, vulnerable people are being forced to travel unnecessarily in order to purchase medications from the black market as medical cannabis is unaffordable to most, especially during the current employment climate and the quarantine of millions of Australians due to COVID-19.
We hope and pray this care package finds you well.
With love from The ‘Who Are We Hurting?’ Team
The letter that our mates sent to ScoMo, attached with some bud.

April Fools!

Additionally, CrazeCo posted a story about a national amnesty on Cannabis, today… but, surprise, surprise, it was an April fools joke – engineered to expose the conditions endured by Australians who live under prohibition. It may seem pretty funny – though it’s really no laughing matter.

We met the “Who Are We Hurting?” team at the Brisbane HHI Expo as they were running the ‘photobooth’ for the event. We love what they get up to – check out their website!
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