Watch: ‘Almanac’ Episode 1 – Things You Need


Today, we would like to share this sweet little chunk of content which has managed to catch our eyes. This is a window into the heart of Aussie cannabis culture.

‘Almanac’ is the fable of a band of scrabble-playing stoners. John, one of the lead characters, is in a cycle of paying his rent by slanging dope. This has involved him with a host of unsavoury and nutty characters. Managing their antics leads him to realise that being the resident ‘weed man’ is not all it’s cracked up to be…

That’s when Mark, or ‘Big M’ – one of his notoriously whacked out, possum slinging customers – comes to John with a ‘solution’. That is: leave the house to sell his remaining stock in bulk at a residential college, so he can actually move on with his life. Or so he thinks…

This is quite a well shot and produced web series – particularly for a pilot episode. There are a lot of great jokes laced in there. The story has us hooked in, and leaves the audience on a cliffhanger!

It’s entertaining stuff. We’re looking forward to watching the story unfold in future episodes. Give it a watch, and let us know what you think of the episode in the comments!

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