7 Benefits Of Adding CBD Oil To Your Fitness Routine

CBD oil (or Cannabidiol) can be extracted from the marijuana or ‘hemp’ plant.

Cannabidiol is generally diluted using a carrier oil, like coconut oil or avocado oil. It is beneficial in different aspects of a person’s life. It assists in the physical and mental wellbeing of living creatures.

Lately, stacks of fitness enthusiasts have started using Cannabidiol for therapeutic purposes. During a workout, our body undergoes a lot of stress. This stress can lead to significant wear and tear of the muscles, occasionally causing injury and soreness.

Certain medications help to get relief from pain; but these also come with some side effects. That is why fitness enthusiasts are now looking into CBD and its benefits.

Here are seven amazing advantages to adding CBD oil to your fitness routine.

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Assists in Weight Loss

Exercising is the most common way to lose weight. A healthy diet, paired with exercise, can spur dramatic changes in health and fitness over the course of weeks and months.

Being at a calorie deficit will help you in losing weight. The best way to do this is to control your diet research indicates that it’s essential to losing weight.

Taking cannabis can help in curbing your munching habit. Cannabidiol regulates the CB1 receptors – blocking them. This reduces hunger and limits overeating.

A study, conducted on rats exposed to CBD, saw a decreased appetite in the specimens after exposure. CBD also assists in the ‘browning’ of fat, which turns ‘bad’ fats into ‘good’ fats. Cannabidiol also stimulates processes of fat burning.

Fitness enthusiasts have recently taken to CBD as an excellent way of regulating weight.

Reduce Recovery Time

Exercising places you at risk of injury, soreness and pain. To avoid the chances of adopting an injury, you must give your body enough time for recovery.

Exercise recovery helps in muscle healing, tissue repair, and relaxation. Your routine could be a 15 minute cool-down exercise, a good night’s sleep, or a protein shake.

You can advance the healing process by supplementing CBD oil to your post-exercise routine. When the body goes through high-intensity exercises, it creates stress hormones called cortisol, which slows down the growth of new tissues and decreases protein synthesis. CBD oil has anti-catabolic properties, which regulate the amount of cortisol discharged in the body. Cannabidiol brings the cortisol amount in the body to reach an optimum level, which initiates protein synthesis and supports muscle restoration.

Enhances Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in every human being’s life.

It’s essential to restoring and relaxing your mind, body, and soul. A lack of sleep – especially in fitness lovers – will slow down recovery of any pain and stress. If you are a fitness freak finding it difficult to sleep at night, the culprit behind it is probably cortisol.

According to this study, CBD oil can effectively act as a cure for sleep disorders. Using CBD oil for sounder sleep quality and better gym performance is recommended for fitness junkies experiencing pain and insomnia.

4. Heart Health

Strength training and cardio training are both beneficial for your heart health. Continuous exercise adapts the heart to hold and pump more blood.

Regular exercise promotes better cardiovascular health; maintaining cholesterol levels, low blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Although regular exercise can come with a lot of benefits to the heart, it can also introduce stress. CBD can lessen this pressure on the heart.

CBD has vasorelaxant properties. It aids in relaxing the blood vessels for smooth blood flow. Cannabidiol dilates the blood vessels during strenuous exercise. It boosts the blood circulation to the entire body, which causes less burnout and keeps you energetic throughout your workout.

CBD increases your stamina and strength to work out for a long duration. It also increases the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every body part. This way, CBD maintains a healthy heart during your fitness routine.

You can add CBD edibles in the form of CBD gummies to your post-workout diet. Get lab-tested CBD gummies from koicbd or cbdfx and reap the benefits of cannabidiol with a sweet, low calorie treat.

Ease Performance Anxiety

There are two kinds of people who exercise… those who work out to ‘stay fit’, and those who find themselves in the sports industry.

Athletes often feel anxious before performances – marathon runners, cricketers, and professional weightlifters all experience very similar problems. Some athletes manage their anxiety with meditation practice and breathing techniques.

CBD can make you feel calm and composed in the face of fear. According to a study, CBD oil acts as an antidepressant and anxiolytic. It stimulates blood flow to the brain region that arouses anxiety in humans. Studies indicate that Cannabidiol can benefit people with social anxiety disorder, helping them to feel ‘at ease’.

Reduce Muscle Soreness

You might feel stiffness/soreness in your muscles when you follow a heavy exercise routine or switch to start an exercise routine, or when you do high-intensity exercises.

Muscle soreness occurs due to the formation of lactic acid. It can be challenging for fitness enthusiasts to focus on their workout with sore muscles. CBD is popular among athletes to help them reduce their muscle soreness.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can alleviate pain and decrease muscle spasms. It is a great supplement for exercise lovers to incorporate in their lifestyle. Applying CBD oil will relax muscle stiffness, help you recover quickly, and give you the ability to wake up more energetic for your next set of exercises.

Insulin Sensitivity Promotion

If you are not able to lose weight despite the high-intensity exercises… you may have a slow metabolic rate.

Insulin sensitivity allows the muscles due to the slow metabolic rate. Insulin sensitivity stores the excess fat in the muscles, which makes the process of losing weight more challenging. CBD oil helps manage insulin sensitivity, which stimulates weight loss by increasing metabolism.


Take your fitness game to a new level by incorporating CBD oil into your lifestyle! Just remember – be sure to buy high-quality certified CBD oil only, for best results.

Joe Lagrasso
Author: Joe Lagrasso

Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.

Joe Lagrasso
Joe Lagrassohttps://friendlyaussiebuds.com
Joe is a dreamer, entrepreneur and an all-around good guy. He wants to connect the Australian Cannabis community from businesses to consumers.
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