Selecting Budget Cannabis Vaporizers Down Under

As the ever-growing vaping community rapidly expands, we’re seeing exciting advances in technology available to the consumer market. Budget cannabis vaporizers are improving at a dizzying speed.

The latest devices offer high-end performance, top-notch vapour quality, and batteries with a longer than usual lifespan.

It’s still safe to say that the higher the pricetag, the better the performance of your device. Not everyone can afford the latest gadgets… but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a solid vaporizer at an affordable price range.

There are various manufacturers that offer good value for money. Here’s a guide to help you out with selecting a vaporizer that fits your needs, on a tight budget!

budget cannabis vaporizers

Look for Portability

Desktop vaporizers might not be the best choice for people on a tight budget.

They usually cost a fortune, given the fact that they offer outstanding performance, large vaping capacity, and a heftier build. The portable counterparts will always be a lot cheaper than the full-sized vaporizers.

Portable devices will not just be cheaper, but also easier to carry around. You can fit them inside of your pocket or bag, and take them anywhere. How convenient is that?

Portable devices are a great option for people wanting to keep their vaping habits secretive.

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Temperature Flexibility Is An Essential Trait

A vaporizer is incomplete without the ability to manipulate the temperature; especially in the case of dry herb vaporizers.

Vaporizers usually come with various heat settings, allowing you to alter the strength of vapours, and the thickness of the clouds — the highest settings are for heavy-hitters, whereas lower temperatures offer a smoother pull.

The more temperature options, the more likely that the device is expensive. We would recommend you to go for a vape pen which has at least three heat settings.

One thing you should keep in mind that wax vaporizers do not usually come with temperature flexibility, given the fact that they work on specific temperatures.

You can check out for discount deals on vaporizers. This platform prides itself in offering budget-friendly vape devices, with high-end features. Check them out! There are a wide range of sales and deals; so you may just be able to find your favourite device at a very cheap price.

Powerful Battery

The duration of your vape sessions will often depend on the strength and capacity of your battery, and the overall power consumption of your device.

There are unimaginably powerful batteries out there; ranging up to 3000mAh and higher. These bad boys allow you to vape continuously for a whole day; even longer!

However, they’re not always economical. For people on a budget, batteries around 1100mAh are perfectly fine; these usually last around 3-4 hours.

The Simpler, The Better

We’re seeing heaps of high-tech products being launched, each year. They all offer a wide range of customisable settings. The devices themselves can be very interesting… but, it’s important to remember that added options make the device more expensive and harder to use.

Many people just want to vape right away, after drawing the vape pen out of their pockets. High end vaporizers don’t usually work like that. Sometimes, simpler is better…  and cheaper!

Don’t Forget About Disposable Vape Pens

These are pre-charged vape pens, already filled with e-liquid — an ideal option for people who are always in a rush. They are extremely compact and pretty easy to use. However, once expended, they can’t be utilised ever again.

Vape pens can be bought at the quarter price of an average vaporizer. They’re a good option for sudden ‘vape urges’, while you’re out and about, or travelling.

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