It’s Finally Here… The New FCK PGR Billy!

Let Your Bong Tell Everyone ‘What’s Good’!

The beug we are about to show you is classified ‘DOPE’. It’s big, bold, tricky, and makes a statement about weed grown with toxic Plant Growth Regulators.

That statement is: “Get ’em ahhhtta heeere!”

That’s right – the logical conclusion of our brand’s product line. They are finally here. It’s the full-sized glassy you have all been waiting for:

We’re honoured to introduce to you – the ‘FCK PGR’ Billy!

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The FCK PGR bong! This machine kills nugs… just don’t feed it any bikie gunk.

In a collaboration with ‘The Green Box’, the FAB team have launched a ‘bilge for the ages’! It’s a glassy that does the job consistently, and with a sense of style. Now you can inhale the good shit, and exhale the bullshit – with our all-new FCK PGR billson!

Aesthetic AF

With FAB’s FCK PGRbong-aroo, you can playfully express your plain distaste for toxic, carcinogenic cannabis across your ‘instrument of choice’, in a subtle homage to the 90’s hip hop outfit ‘RUN DMC’.

This piece also features a ‘Friendly Aussie Buds’ Australia logo at the beaker’s base, with additional vibrant touches of teal on the rim, cone piece and base.

Give everyone a big, bold, clear message running up the side of your tube – hold your bong with a sense of pride for your community!

FCK PGR Bilge – Functions and Features

Towering at 40cm (16 inches) in height, this beaker-shaped bong comes equipped with a monster 14mm cone piece – rip fat, milky hits. with an 18mm/14mmddown-stem, featuring six diffusion slits resulting in a clean, smooth, filtered draw. The FAB billy also features extra-thick 7mm borosilicate glass, which is strong enough to stand up to the biggest hits and clashes. This baby even has ice notches!

Cleaning the FCK PGR Bilge couldn’t be simpler, thanks to the removable down-stem! Check out our video below to learn an easy-peasy bong cleaning method – it works every time!

All requests should be sent to – in the event of a defective, broken or damaged item, the customer should send a video/picture of the item within 48 hours of arrival. We will replace the item at no cost to the customer. T&C’s apply!

Every bong purchased will go a long way in supporting the Friendly Aussie Buds team to produce even more high-quality content for the Australian cannabis community, with greater frequency. We have a limited stock of 200 bongs – rep the Aussie cannabis industry today, and get in on this bong while you can!

A Totally Unbiased Product Review

If you ask us… this billy is a tip top piece, at a good price! We recommend the bong to those of you who are on the hunt for a new ‘daily driver’ – especially if you haven’t upgraded to a larger-sized glass piece, before. We give this thing a solid 9 for its overall form and function, including the way it pulls!

You may find it difficult to believe us, though – this is our own product that we are spruiking to you, here. After all, we have all of the incentive in the world to hype this bong up to our audience – we would be the ones benefiting from any sales.

So… why should you trust us? Is there anything that really separates this billy from the ‘rest of the pack’?

The answer? You can trust us… because this piece has practically replaced our old ones in our own day-to-day use!

Why, you say? Well – it’s strong, sturdy, hits like a ton of bricks, and even features our own logo on it… with each and every purchase supporting the future functioning of this very website.

So, why not? It just feels good to rip from a quality bong that tastefully represents your aesthetic preferences, while keeping the lights on for your favourite content creators.

Pick Up the FCK PGR Billy For Yourself!


Author: Mitch

Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.

Mitch Keys is a young writer from Brisbane, Australia unfolding in a dynamic process of becoming (like everyone else, so don’t go thinking he’s special or anything). He likes being alive.
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