A Friend Indeed: For All Your Paraphernalia Needs!

In this article, we’re taking a sponsored deep dive into ‘A Friend Indeed’ – a website and online store for Aussies in need!

Across the world, attitudes and perceptions surrounding the cannabis plant and its many applications are rapidly shifting. Always one to be fashionably late to the party… the majority of the advancements in the cannabis industry have thus far been limited to the medical field, with fast-growing facilities providing a range of oils and medications.

Another example of clear progress is in our nation’s capital – Canberra revamped their cannabis laws over a year ago to allow two cannabis plants per person. You can also travel within the ACT with 50 grams of dried and 150 grams of fresh cannabis. Personal use in households is now legal.

Prohibition is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s only a matter of time before the laws and reforms we’re seeing across the world make their way to other states and territories. In the not-too-distant future, we may all be able to partake in the consumption of cannabis; which sparks quite a conundrum.

A Friend Indeed: For Your Friends In Need

In order for the people to properly partake, they’ll need the right tools and equipment for the job. Unfortunately, the (il)legal status of cannabis in Australia means that places where you can purchase all the stuff you need are quite few and far between.

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‘A Friend Indeed’ is a physical and online manifestation of this need – a store that exists to remedy this common problem. The AFI store boasts premium, top-of-the-range products; all with an in-house warranty!

They’ll be your friend in vapes, bongs, e-cigs, storage, and accessories… along with bringing you the latest in news and community activities!


1/13 Laser Drive, Rowville, Victoria 3178

They’re Your Friends in Weed!

A Friend Indeed is all about bringing Australians to the forefront of combustion and vaporisation.

Established in 2018, the store has become a hub within East Melbourne for all kinds of vapes, bongs, glassware, e-cigs, device maintenance, cleaning supplies – and more!

The Rowville-based store is full of passionate people, stoked to provide premium glassware to the world. They’re also stoked to ‘give back’ and partake in the dankest of community involvements, with a customer-driven rewards system.

As an assurance of quality control, all products are tried and tested rigorously in-house. These people know their products, and are trained to assist you with any inquiry you may have.


The range of bongs up for sale on this site is truly extraordinary. They’ve got unbelievable, out-of-this-galaxy designs; handmade from world-class glassmakers, each carrying years of experience in the art of bong-making… as well as cheap-o bongs available for under $100.

Let’s take a quick peek at what’s on offer!

Chameleon Atmosphere Colour Change Classic Water Pipe

a friend indeed chameleon bong
The Chameleon in its natural habitat.


The collection of chameleon glassware is quite the sight for sore (red) eyes. These bongs represent some of the coolest designs coming out of America. This baby boasts a stance between nine and ten inches. With a 19mm-14mm low profile diffused down stem, as well as a 14mm matching clear bowl & 14mm banger, you’ll be getting set to let rip if you bring this one home.

Height: 9-10 inches
Down stem: 19mm-14mm
Bowl (clear): 14mm
Banger: 14mm

Chameleon Glass Mushroom Sculpture Glass Pipe


In addition to bangin’ bongs, Chameleon glass has hooked AFI up with incredible herbal pipes… such as the masterpiece you see above. The multi sectioned mushroom sculpture glass pipe is a work of art; with its totally unique design and look. The best part? This piece does not compromise on any part of the experience.

Terrestrial Series Colour Change UV Beaker Water Pipe


This is a prime example of the Terrestrial series that stuns on a regular basis. Its colour-changing UV glass is certainly something to behold. This is a ‘premium’ bong; it shows off a psychedelic mix of heady blues and greens. The combination of an 11-to-12-inch base, 19mm-14mm down stem and a glorious 14mm decorated bowl confirms this as an absolute romper; and one of my personal favourites to stare at.

11-12 inches
Down Stem: 19mm-14mm
Bowl: 14mm
Glass Thickness: 4mm

ET Perc Rig


This nifty little guy packs the punch of a mini-banger, while showing off a stylish little purple percolator. Say hi!

Standing between 17cm and 18cm, with a reinforced underside, and a 3cm inner diameter mouthpiece… this little guy almost ensures a good time.

Inner Diameter: 3cm
Grind (Female): 14mm
Perc: Alien

Agung Dooby Bubble/Rubber base 25cm


AFI is not all about selling high priced pretty bongs and rigs. They also stock a range of bongs under $100!

The Agung is the classic Australian bubble/rubber base icon. It comes with a 25cm rig, an 11.5cm metal stem, and a standard brass bowl.

Height: 25cm
Down Stem: 11.5cm
Bowl: Standard Brass

With new designs emerging all the time from glassmakers across the globe, customers can look forward to all kinds of drops in the not-so-distant future; from brands such as Gordo Scientific, Highly Educated, Fo Cho exclusive, Chameleon and Goose Glass, just to name a few! The future of ‘A Friend Indeed’ is looking wicked!

Vapes and E-Cigs

AFI’s range of vapes and e-cigs come in a wide array of varieties and designs. From classic pens, to medical grade brick vapes; you’ll find all kinds of brands and accessories up for sale. All come with a warranty!

Mighty Vaporiser


Arguably the best vaporiser on the market today, ‘The Mighty’ by Storz & Bickel offers a true standard in what is takes to make a vape.

Boasting the power of two lithium-ion batteries, a LED display, comfy buttons and multiple accessories as standard, Storz and Bickel really are synonymous with quality and quantity.

For more information, check out the official product review here!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Mighty Vaporizer
  • 1 x Liquid Pad
  • 1 x Power adapter/Charger
  • 1 x Mighty & Crafty filling aid
  • 1 x Mighty & Crafty grinder
  • 3 x Replacement screens
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Spare O-Ring seal set

10cig Pro Black GR1 Titanium and Quartz by Source


The 10cig Pro by Source Vapes is one of the smallest titanium vapes out there; providing discreet, compact style with a smooth feel. All the while, the vape doubles as a smartphone stylus!

The single coil quartz atomiser and three heat settings provide you clouds without compromise – all for under fifty dollars.

Replacement atomisers are also available at AFI, both online and in-store.

SMOK X-Priv 225W TC Kit with TFV12 Prince Tank



With a high-definition display covering most of the face, the X-Priv kit is definitely one of the more unique styles of e-cig vapes on the market. The device comes in a range of metallic colours – silver, red, blue, gold and chrome.

Taking advantage of a TFV12 Prince Tank, and an 8ml convex tank with a snakeskin drip; this kit is not just about looks… but performance, too.


Cleaning is, well, a chore… but in the case of our devices, we all have to do it. Thankfully, A Friend Indeed has your back – with a range of products that would easily match (or beat) what’s available at Bunnings.

Stocked up with trusted brands, AFI is currently offering products from Grunge, High Standards, Randy’s, RezBlock and Scrubber Duckies.

For simple cleaning jobs (such as pipes), there are Zen’s prickly pipe cleaners; for resin build-up prevention, there is RezBlock; for cleaning bongs, there is Randy’s Black Label 2-part Cleaner; and for hard-to-reach jobs, there are Scrubber Duckies. Running out of supplies? Don’t worry – AFI sells replacement packs!

From pipe cleaners and professional cleaning solutions, to candles and air fresheners – cleaning the gunk from your favourite glassware (and your house) does NOT have to be such a dreaded chore!

Storage & Transport

So, you have all this stuff now… but where are you going to keep everything?

Take a look at the Storage & Transport tab. There’s a selection of storage containers, zip seal bags, travel bags, cases and grinders!

For those who need something on the smaller side, there are Red Bull and Coke style ‘stash cans’ for smaller valuables and other ‘unmentionables’ you wish to store. You can stash them in 375-475ml ‘cans’!

COVID-19 & Payment

AFI is currently open for business, both instore and online; but due to the ongoing nightmare that is COVID-19, it’s best to check in on their website for brick-and-mortar store details.

Orders can be placed directly on AFI’s website – afriendindeedstore.com. They accept Poli Payments and now PayItLater, 24/7. You can also order via phone using a credit card on 03 8201 8741 during regular business hours.

William Mclean
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