‘Why I Use Cannabis’ | Happy 420 From FAB!


We wanted to make a statement to celebrate 420 this year… which is why we asked the online Aussie cannabis community why they used cannabis. This video is a compliation of their responses.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this project! The ‘Why I Use Cannabis’ video serves as an informative and powerful demonstration of how this herb is used by many everyday Australians, throughout their lives – for one reason or another.

Many of our followers use cannabis medicinally, to treat pain and various chronic ailments. Others use cannabis predominantly for recreation, relaxation and creative stimulation. It isn’t uncommon to use cannabis in both of these ways.

Friendly Aussie Buds celebrates the wide diversity of ways in which cannabis is used across Australia by responsible, consenting adults. We call for decriminalisaton of cannabis, and the opening up of legal markets.

FREE THE WEED! Let us modulate our consciousness however we please!

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