About FAB

What is FAB?

Friendly Aussie Buds is an online cannabis publication. We are an accessible source of education and entertainment for the Aussie cannabis community.

Whether you’re already a member of Australia’s ‘High Society’, or just a little curious… FAB has something for everyone!

Our Mission

By normalising the use of cannabis, we hope to destigmatise its surrounding culture, thus securing it a place in our culture amongst such beloved psychoactives as caffeine and alcohol. While it is perfectly acceptable to wear a Bob Marley shirt and walk around the city with a blunt, the general public’s association of stoners with this stereotype is harmful to the overall cause of legalisation. The way stoners are generally depicted in pop culture – friendly, but dim-witted and obsessed with the drug – has its basis in reality, which is the issue. Nobody is saying he can’t wear a Bob Marley hat, just that he is not the ideal representation of a cannabis user.

Ideally, cannabis users should be stereotyped the same way as caffeine or alcohol users – they are people who enjoy the recreational or medicinal use of a psychoactive chemical. Stoners can be academics, professionals, manual labourers and committed parents. They can also be burnouts, addicts, losers, and a nuisance. Some people (those with a predisposition to psychotic episodes, for example) certainly should not smoke cannabis; for others, it works more effectively for pain and minor psychological symptoms than prescription drugs.

Essentially, our aim is to promote a balanced and wholesome image of cannabis – both the drug itself and the people who use it. When a suited-up accountant meets a man in a Bob Marley hat at a bar and offers to share a store-bought blunt and a chat with him, our mission will be complete. At that point, we’ll probably just start posting cat videos or something. So, whether you’re rolling a spliff right now, considering smoking for the first time, or just looking for a good read – you’re where you need to be.