About Us

What is F.A.B?

Friendly Aussie Buds is an online publication that aims to provide Australia’s high society with an accessible source of education and entertainment regarding cannabis culture and going green. F.A.B has something for everyone – the connoisseurs, the curious, and the customers.

Our Mission

By normalising the use of cannabis, we hope to destigmatise its surrounding culture, thus securing it a place in our culture amongst such beloved psychoactives as caffeine and alcohol. While it is perfectly acceptable to wear a Bob Marley shirt and walk around the city with a blunt, the general public’s association of stoners with this stereotype is harmful to the overall cause of legalisation. The way stoners are generally depicted in pop culture – friendly, but dim-witted and obsessed with the drug – has its basis in reality, which is the issue. Nobody is saying he can’t wear a Bob Marley hat, just that he is not the ideal representation of a cannabis user.
Ideally, cannabis users should be stereotyped the same way as caffeine or alcohol users – they are people who enjoy the recreational or medicinal use of a psychoactive chemical. Stoners can be academics, professionals, manual labourers and committed parents. They can also be burnouts, addicts, losers, and a nuisance. Some people (those with a predisposition to psychotic episodes, for example) certainly should not smoke cannabis; for others, it works more effectively for pain and minor psychological symptoms than prescription drugs.

Essentially, our aim is to promote a balanced and wholesome image of cannabis – both the drug itself and the people who use it. When a suited-up accountant meets a man in a Bob Marley hat at a bar and offers to share a store-bought blunt and a chat with him, our mission will be complete. At that point, we’ll probably just start posting cat videos or something. So, whether you’re rolling a spliff right now, considering smoking for the first time, or just looking for a good read – you’re where you need to be.